Twelfth Night [Royal Shakespeare Company]
Track Listing:
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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 6
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  • Overture
  • If music be the food of love, play on
  • O mistress mine
  • If I did love you in my master's flame
  • I left no ring with her
  • O mistress mine
  • The wind and the rain
  • Come away, death
  • My father had a daughter loved a man
  • Some are born great
  • Please one and so please all
  • Hey robin, jolly robin
  • Finale
  • O mistress mine reprise

Nigel was delighted to team up again with director Christopher Luscombe and designer Simon Higlett for the 2017 Royal Shakespeare Company production of Twelfth Night

"Composer Nigel Hess has turned the play’s songs into full-blown musical numbers, sung with gusto, and given the whole thing a cinematic score. "
- Natasha Tripney, The Stage
"...with supportingly evocative lush compositions from Nigel Hess... "
- Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph
"This is also a musical - Nigel Hess's Victorian-influenced score is the perfect accompaniment. "
- Neil Masuda, Sunday Mirror
"Nigel Hess’ music score gave the play a vibrant energy which punctuated the highs and lows of emotion that ripple throughout the play, both in evocative interludes and bright Elizabethan ditties. It is not in the habit of the English theatre audience to erupt in rapturous applause midway through a performance, however, the musical numbers, particularly Ade Edmondson’s ‘Please One and So Please All’, was fuelled by the audience’s enthusiasm and encouragement as each pause brought a sea of laughter and applause. "
- Holly Reaney, Redbrick
"The new RSC production of Twelfth Night is visually stunning and musically opulent. This, the play by Shakespeare that has most reference to music and its powers, has a lovely and almost non-stop score in the background and foreground throughout. Composer Nigel Hess invokes the musical hall/Gilbert and Sullivan D’Oyly Carte popular entertainments of the late 19th century. Beautiful to look at, lovely to listen to (both the text and the music)."
- Mel Cooper, Plays To See
Nigel Hess - Myra Music © 2021