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A Celebration Overture


picc.2.2.2.bcl.2 - 4.3.2.btrbn.
1 - timp - perc(2): 2 SD/bongo/susp.cym/glsp/cabasa/mark tree/tgl/bell tree

Programme Notes:

I was delighted when the RLPO asked me to create a piece to celebrate their 175th anniversary with, as they requested, "some good tunes". I hope A Celebration Overture does just that, with its party atmosphere and exuberant playing in all the orchestral departments. The horn section is the first to introduce the "celebration" tune which is immediately picked up by the rest of the orchestra, and when the percussion join in with bongos and cabasa, the party has definitely started. Woodwind and solo strings introduce another optimistic theme which the brass section try to commandeer as their own before the opening material is revisited. A solo oboe introduces yet another tune - more plaintive and thoughtful - which is picked up by a flute and violin, but it is shortlived as the horns invite us back to the celebrations which gather apace to a breathless finale. Happy Birthday, RLPO!
Nigel Hess

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