The Way of Light [The Music of Nigel Hess]
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  • A Celebration Overture [2015]
  • Kyrie [2004/arr.2020]
  • March Barnes Wallis [2013]
  • 'Jesu Joy' Variations [2008]
  • The Old Man of Lochnagar Suite [2007/arr.2019] : Scottish Dances
  • Lochnagar Suite : Dark Lochnagar
  • Lochnagar Suite : Dance of the Eagle
  • Nocturne [2015]
  • Live With Me and Be My Love [2018]
  • Chansons de Normandie [2014]
  • The Lakes of Cold Fen [2017]
  • Benedictus [2009/arr.2011]
  • Arise My Love [1986]
  • The Way of Light [1985]

Nigel writes: As a media composer working in film, television and the theatre, I have occasionally been asked to write music which isn’t paired with screen images – and now, in this CD retrospective collection, here is a selection of this stand-alone music performed by a wonderful cast list of stellar artists, many of whom are long-standing colleagues. Inevitably there are still a few connections with my ‘other’ musical world - the Kyrie is an arrangement of my theme from the film Ladies in Lavender, and the Lochnagar Suite started life as a ballet – but mostly these are pieces that allow listeners to create their own images. My huge thanks to everyone involved in this project – it has been a complete joy to put together.


BBC Concert Orchestra (Leader: Nathaniel Anderson-Frank)

BBC Singers

St.Catharine’s College Girls’ Choir, Cambridge

Metro Voices

Central Band of the Royal Air Force

Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Portsmouth


Richard Balcombe, Sofi Jeannin, Duncan Stubbs, Nick Grace (conductors)

Emma Tring, Eleanor Grant (sopranos)

Christopher Bowen (tenor)

Piers Lane, Nicholas McCarthy (piano)

Benjamin Hughes (cello)

Sir Derek Jacobi (speaker)

Nigel Hess - Myra Music © 2021