The Merry Wives of Windsor [Shakespeare's Globe]
"Nigel Hess's delightful score......"
- Visit London
"The small band playing venerable instruments gives an enthusiastic account of Nigel Hess’s whimsical music."
- Evening Standard
"As with many of the Globe's productions, music plays an important part in this show. Shawms, lutes, curtals, citterns and other strange-sounding musical instruments are employed to provide the accompaniment which assumes something of the role of a film soundtrack. There's also a delightful and charming duet between Anne Page and one of her suitors, Fenton."
- London Theatre
"What also works is an extensive use of music. Not only is there a delightful duet for the two young lovers and a merry drinking song as well as the fairy roundelays of the final scene, but music leads entrances and supports dialogues and speeches; composer Nigel Hess makes a major contribution to the production's style and atmosphere."
- British Theatre Guide
"Nigel Hess’s merry, delicate musical score....I was touched by the young lovers, Anne and Fenton, singing a roundelay in the pretty garden."
- The Times
Nigel Hess - Myra Music © 2021