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The Statue (from The Winter's Tale)


Description: solo cello, harp and strings

Duration (mins): 4

Genre: Solo Instrumental - Strings - Harp, Solo Instrumental - Strings - Cello, Orchestral - String Orchestra

Instrumentation: solo vlc - harp - strings

First Performance: October 1987, Barbican Theatre, London, UK: Royal Shakespeare Company/Dir. Terry Hands


“Music, awake her, strike!” So says Paulina as the statue of Hermione comes to life at the end of this magical play. “Descend; be stone no more; approach; strike all that look upon with marvel.” In this production Jeremy Irons played a memorable Leontes. 

"I should guess that in years to come this production will chiefly be remembered for Nigel Hess's music...." (Sunday Telegraph) 

"It is impossible to imagine a season without the melodic contributions of Nigel Hess." (Michael Coveney, Drama Magazine) 

"....a splendidly full-blooded score from Nigel Hess...." (Irving Wardle, The Times)

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